Friday, 21 December 2012

Activity Economics


Star trek has a delicately hinted at economy, this has always fascinated me, and something I wanted to flesh out.

"a lot has changed in the past three hundred years, we are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of things" Piccard

Capitalism creates winners and losers, the desperately poor and the rich. Communism creates an unstoppable unfeeling government that takes all and leaves none unchecked. Where the two meet you find grey socialism which has the advantages and flaws of both houses, but arguably the healthiest populations. Activity slowly removes those flaws, creating good socialism. There exists a bad socialism too filled with both flaws which is a prevailing rot in current socialist governments of our world.

This is a hopeful counter balance to this.

Activity: is a point system that is paid to contributing citizens. Activity points cannot go below zero. Points are awarded by positive action and honest work. Activity can only be issued by a law enforcer or an employer.

Hyke (Hyking); A Hyke is an individual who is a leech on the system; Hykes are also criminals who have lost some or all of their Activity points due to bad behaviour. In certain occasions an individual with a very high Activity score can buy land by paying in Activity points. Hyking can only be issued by a law enforcer or an employer. Hyking lowers an individual's activity score. 

Activity is a sliding scale away from a fully monetary system over time, The core idea is to developed a culture based completely on rewarding good deeds, Good deeds are paid inversely to a financial system, A toilet cleaner or a nurse working shifts in a hospice would have a higher social status (Activity score) than someone who wanted to do easier work like creating art full time or becoming an IT employee.

Neet: Not in Education Employment or Training.


Activity thresholds allow citizens rewards such as paid holidays; theme park visits; nicer cars; free gifts; and hopefully better incentives then that. These Incentives pay themselves off by increasing productivity. Over time Activity fully envelopes all of life until everything a person owns was gifted to them through contributing to producing those self same gifts for others. Unpaid in money by paid in the knowledge that they will live in a country that can provide them anything if they are in trouble and reward them for everything they do to help others out of it.

Having zero Activity or 'Taking a hyke' is an example of a lazy individual who does not contribute and is a drain on the system. Someone who does not contribute or who has lost their Activity points is a 'Hyke' which means the person maybe shunned by the community until they raise their score through hard work. Shunning should never be an excuse for abuse; the individual should be given all the help they require to become productive again.

Disabled individuals or individuals with mental health issues are a special example and should be sufficiently cared for by the social order.

People who commit crimes are punished by a law enforcer with removing hard earned Activity, they become Hykes.

Responsibilities of the Social order:

A Social order is either a fully enclosing governmental system, or an adjacent tax payer funded system, it should strive to be an example of human accomplishments of civility. Military structures; mishandling civilians; or any negative behaviour should be intolerable, and fully functioning internal affairs should make bribing or bullying of honest employees unforgivable. Employees who bend these rules of honesty are hyke. The system should be completely transparent to its flaws and show all of its weakness so it can be made stronger by that process.

Humans are sadly flawed, meaning any government that they make is susceptible to abuse. But honesty and asking for help; giving their owner the civilian's full control of choice and decisions is imperative to a sturdy 'good' system of government.

A government should always put scientific and intelligent decisions above the greater good and the public perception. The greater good is short hand for saying some must suffer for the majority, however this is incredibly lazy and social problems should always be solved for solid future gain instead of short term success. However for a solid government the people must be in firm control collectively, generally a civilian will not worry about politics as long as they receive the same fairness as their neighbour. But if a mass protest is outside the government building action must be taken by that council to address their concerns. Mass protest should always result in politicians 'touching base' and showing they are listening.

Other suggested components:

Posttheism: Atheism should be inherent in any governing body. However (a big however) people should be given the freedom to practise any faith they wish. Land should be allocated for developments of churches, this land can only be given to individuals within the highest thresholds of activity points to ensure they have more than paid for their right to enjoy this expensive luxurious freedom (most atheist civilians or any others of a different religion would be upset at any unfairness in concerns to the size of lands given over to different people).

Libertarianism: freedom comes in many flavours, and a decent system allows for individuals to earn enough points to buy (hyke cost) plots of land (These plots of land may be sold back to the social order with their Activity points restored). Trade markets are also a freedom that should be expressed. Keep in mind this is a transitional approach to a future political structure. Small scale trading of items with currency is entirely necessary and encourages pleasant hobbies and variety in life.

To provide Citizens with activity

To cause no suffering to Citizens

To provide Citizens with employment; education or training

Developing a military system is hyke and leads to negative social elements

Enforcing the law with maximum activity, negative force is hyke

Fairly sharing activity points awarded for employment; education or training. Full transparency is essential to the system

Increasing the total Activity in the Activity system to greater increase individual citizen activity similar to an economy (Science and technology should be developed to allow citizens longer to accumulate activity). Exploration is both vital and a necessity.

Hyke given to a social order is shared fairly between those in power who are to blame. Governments should be democratic but paid in a lower to medium threshold in Activity. Citizens should encouraged to join a political party, and each given a vote to select a candidate for the head of that party, the candidate must make clear who his choices for other members of that cabinet are, including other leaders being voted on. The opposition parties must be allowed to veto collectively decisions made by the ruling party, but that should always be able to be overturned by large protests and unhappy public action. Large Protests should also be able to Veto motions made by the ruling party.

Social orders accumulated Activity can be divided into regions, ideally the higher the Activity number the better that place is to live. However subdivision can cause social tensions.

Basic Citizen rights:

A right to freedom of speech
A Right to comfortable survival resources (food/shelter/water/internet/social help; regardless of score)

Responsibilities of the citizen:

Causing suffering in any form is hyke

Being in a state of Neet is hyke

Three or more children is hyke

Over consumption is hyke

Disobeying the law is hyke
Being open about your Activity score is social.

Acquiring activity points unearned is punishable by Hyking.

The above could easily become a flawed dangerous system in the wrong hands. Could it even be better then what we have now? Possibly not, the important thing is to share our ideas and challenge the ones we have, personally I would throw this idea to the wind the minute someone came up with irrefutable reason why it could never make a healthy society, but in return I would like to hear how yours system is better at solving that same problem?